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Cổng Dò Kim Loại ZA600

  • Nhà sản xuất: ZASCAN
  • Dòng sản phẩm: ZA600
  • Số lượng sản phẩm trong kho: 1
  • Door External Size 2220mm(H)X820mm(W)X430mm
    Door Internal Size 1990mm(H)X700mm(W)X430mm
    Net weight 45KG
    Gross weight 50KG
    Detection zones 6 zones
    Working voltage AC90V~264V 50/60Hz
    Power consumption 15 W
    Each zone sensitivity 0-200Level
    Security level 0-200 Level
    Working frequency range up to 30 level frequency for adjusting
    Working environment temperature -20ºC~65ºC
  • 0 VNĐ

Cổng Dò Kim Loại ZA600 Máy dòm kim loại Cửa dò kim loại

1.4.3inches LCD monitor with Infrared remoter controller
2.6 zones without LED display on both side.
3.Program Self-dwithiagnostic when power on
4.With different language version for client use easily
5. Fly object detection function
6. With 30 application inside
7.With LED interference signal display on the monitor
8.The distance between 2 doors can up to 50cm and several doors use together without interference
9.It can detect up to 100 times per minute at the fastest, and automatically enters the power saving mode without detection within 5 minutes,When the people or object passes, it automatically enters the awake mode.
10.Have 20 degrees volume and 20 kinds of the tone for adjusting.
11.Automatically counting the passing times and alarm times.
12.100,000 large capacity record information is convenient for inquiry
13. Password protection only allows authorized personnel to operate and is more secure

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